Bulbo JJ KT66

$ 1,021.00
The KT series of tubes was developed by MO-Valve aka Genalex in response to Mullard’s development of the pentode. In a pentode a fifth element, the suppressor grid was added to reduce secondary emissions and ensure maximum electron transfer from the cathode to the plate. The kinkless tetrode (KT) tube was developed with beam forming plates to channel that electron flow and avoid infringing on Mullard’s patent. That is a very simplified answer but the difference is important. Pentodes tie the suppressor grid to a pin on the socket. In an EL34 this is pin 1. In most guitar amp applications this pin is externally jumpered to the cathode, in this case pin 8. The KT series of tubes ties the beam forming plates internally to the cathode and pin 1 is unused. The ratings between KT tubes and pentodes are similar. In America this type of tube was referred to as a beam tetrode. This includes the 6L6 and 6V6 as common examples, although they are often referred to incorrectly as pentodes. Do a search on the web and you will find weeks worth of reading as to what people think is the better design or what sounds better. The KT66 and 6L6GC are kissin’ cousins but the similarity ends there. The same holds true for the EL34 and the KT77

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