Eden WTDI World Tour Direct Box/Preamp Pedal (USADO)

de Eden
$ 2,599.00

Big Bass Tone in a Compact Pedal

Add a killer bass preamp to your pedalboard with Eden World Tour WTDI direct box/preamp. Eden has shoehorned an entire preamp section of an amp into this powerful pedal. Sculpt your tone with precision using the WTDI's 3-band EQ, bass boost button, and mid shift button. The built-in compressor gives you control over your basses sustain. Eden's WTDI has a balanced XLR out for going to the mixing board and a 1/4" unbalanced out to send to your amplifier. This robust preamp is perfect for use in the studio, playing live onstage, or as a backup to your main rig. Get that classic Eden sound in your rig with the Eden WTDI direct box/preamp.


Eden World Tour WTDI Direct Box/Preamp Features:
  • Powerful bass preamp with signature Eden sound
  • Balanced XLR output for hooking up to a mixer or in the studio
  • Built-in compressor
  • Compact size is perfect for your pedalboard

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