HX Effects Guitar Multi-effects Floor Processor

de Line 6
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Modelaje hecho a la Perfeccion

El HX Effects de Line 6 es una maquina capaz de recrear tonos de la mayoria de los pedales que consideramos ya como clasicos, a parte, tiene integrados todos (si TODOS) los sonidos de la serle M (M5, M9, etc) y de la serie 4 (DL4, FM4 etc.)  Es capaz de trabajar impulse responses y te da una paleta muy amplia de conectividad. Basicamente una pedalera profesional con una seleccion creciente de sonidos. 

The Next Level of Line 6 Effects Modeling

With the success of the phenomenally powerful Helix, it was only a matter of time before Line 6 put that same power to work in a unit focused on delivering top-tier modeled effects. Introducing the Line 6 HX Effects. Like Helix, HX Effects is able to take total control of your guitar rig, supplement your pedalboard, or anything in between. With over 100 HX-quality effects — many pulled from Line 6's already legendary stomps — you'll never run out of tones. And thanks to the HX audio engine, you're able to run up to nine effects simultaneously. Unbelievable processing power, realistic tone and feel, and comprehensive rig control; it's all in the Line 6 HX Effects.

Over 100 HX effects onboard

Line 6's effects models and multi-effects units can be found on professional pedalboards throughout the world. And now, those pedalboards can get even better. With over 100 effects onboard the HX Effects multi-effects units, you'll never be at a loss for tone. And best of all, each of these effects are processed through the company's HX audio engine, ensuring every single swell of a modulation effect, response of an overdrive, or decay of a delay sound feel exactly like the unit it's modeling. And if that weren't enough, you're able to stack up to nine effects to create your own sonic world.





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