Line 6 Spider II HD Head (USADO)

de Line 6
$ 3,500.00
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Spider® II HD Features

  • 12 amp models that deliver a complete range from Clean to Insane
  • 7 Smart Control effects (up to 3 simultaneous) including Tape Echo, standard Delay, Sweep Echo (all w/Tap Tempo), Chorus/Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo and Reverb
  • 4 User-programmable channels
  • Built-in front panel Tuner
  • Enough power to kill pesky Chupacabras and Evil Payasos
Spider® II HD Amp Models:
  • Crunch "red" - based on* a '68 Marshall® "Plexi" 50-watt
  • Crunch "green" - based on* a '68 Marshall® "Plexi" 100-watt
  • Metal "red"
  • Metal "green"
  • Insane "red"
  • Insane "green"
  • Clean "red"
  • Clean "green"
  • Twang "red" - based on* our analysis of mid '60s Fender® amps
  • Twang "green" - based on* a number of different vintage Fender® tweed amps like a '53 Deluxe Reverb® and a '58 Bassman®
  • Blues "red"
  • Blues "green"

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